For high-achieving conscious coaches and consultants ready to generate more impact and income while growing your business with lucrative corporate clients.



Imagine being able to support more people with your message in larger organizations and create a massive ripple effect. That honors your lifestyle and personality. 

Imagine creating a l


The Corporate Conversion Blueprint program is the fast-track to access to Tracy’s simple, high-impact strategies. If you’re ready to turn your expertise and higher-calling into corporate coaching, training or consulting, then you’ll want to pay close attention.Get ready to impact more lives and create big paydays for your business.

Tracy is opening the doors to the Corporate Conversion Blueprint, for a limited time. In this program, she’ll walk you through the same 5-step process Tracy herself used to land lucrative corporate and executive coaching clients with companies such as Fortune 500 Coca Cola Bottling Co. 

Finally know how and where to easily find and connect with the right corporate decision makersxr with talking to the wrong people or not getting past the gatekeepers pspps to market when you have clients or projects and then scrambling to generate businessAvoiding reaching out to decision-makers because you don’t know what to sayFearing your bread-and-butter client will end their project and you’ll be out of workConfused and overwhelmed with ALL the different ways to market your business

Did you know that you CAN tap into the Multi-Billion Dollar corporate training and consulting market and create the income and impact you desire, starting today?  Here’s how …

Together we can package your expertise that high-fee workshops, courses, consulting or coaching for companies, executives, teams and organizations. 

(picture – how does this look in their business).  The TOP 3 CONCERNS

So many coaches come to me…How ANY coach can approach a corporation …

Now You Can Fill Your Pipeline and Convert them Into High-Value Corporate Sales (even if you’ve never done it Before )

Within you is a unique “marketing code” called your MarketingDNA™ Once you discover how you’re uniquely designed to attract clients, it will feel as if all the puzzle pieces of marketing your business easily fall into place: 

• You understand what makes you tick when it comes to getting clients (freeing you from negative self –judgment) 

• You discover what your 3 core marketing strengths are (and how to use them to make more money in your business) 

• How you’re uniquely wired to FIND and CONNECT with decision-makers (the freeing quality of relief that you’ll feel will immediately open new opportunities for you) 

• You no longer fall prey to avoiding your marketing (it’ll actually be fun, authentic and easy) 

• You know what to say when someone asks “what do you do?”

• You feel confident and ready to talk about your offers and prices (that will take your income to a new level ) 

 • Those stressful squabbles with your loved ones about money? Gone, because now you have consistent income coming into your business.  

Here’s what’s inside…

Now you can create a relationship with any corporate buyer and serve them and their team at the highest-level

Know How You’re Uniquely Designed To Market

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Get Clear On Who You Really Want to Work With & Support

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Build an Active Community or “Pipeline” 

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Create the Perfect”We Need It Right Now”  High-Value Offer

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Lead High-Converting Sales Conversations

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The North American Corporate Training and Consulting Market in 2019*

$169.4 Billion 

Market size of workplace training industry in North America

$83 Billion

Annual spending on workplace training in the United States in 2019


Companies outsource workplace training

*according to the 2019 Training Report 

Real People. Real Results

Margo Myers, Seattle, WA

Kerstin O’Shields, Maple Valley, WA

Dr. Kimberly Wilson, Charlotte, NC


“As an executive coach, I was able to attract the highest end client after working with Tracy, integrating my professional experience and expressing what I do in a powerful way. Immediately after our VIP Day, I landed a CEO of a large bank as a client! ” 


 “After our VIP DAY, I landed executive coaching clients at Ebay and Google. Thank you Tracy for your insightful guidance and strategic planning for taking my business to a whole new level. You are a huge wealth of information and OUTSTANDING at what you do!”